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Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson
How God Builds Leaders
Lust, Desire and the Truth
Destined to Witness
July/August 2022
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“I am the dream and the hope of the slave.”
“I am the dream and the hope of the slave.”

by Milton Sands/Strategic training, Bible mode.

by Patrice Conwell/When basketball turned into a stand for faith, and now a lawsuit.

by Herma Percy/The hope of generations.

by Morris Barnes/Trauma stalks inside each broken person. The lesson we learned from Will and Chris.

by Nick Taliaferro/You’ve been strung along for way too long.

by D. L. McPhaull/Revelation’s three angels matter now.

A lot Closer Than They Appear
How God Builds Leaders
The Tiger Within



by Carmela Monk Crawford/The Intimate Observer of Our Choices

by Edward Woods, III/Let Everyone See Them

by Carl McRoy/Neville Marcano

by Donna Green Goodman/what’s your destination?

by Dr. Richard Berry/activated charcoal

by Ruthven Phillip/4 Ways Your Real Estate Investment Enhances Your Portfolio and Legacy


by Debleaire Snell/know your worth

by Ellen G. White/what jesus says about your purpose

by Adrienne Rowe-Saulsbury/be salt and be light

Vintage Vault


October 1968 Message Magazine Issue Cover
“Two eternal destinies are set before all men, and they are eternal death and eternal life. (See Romans 6: 23.) These destinies are firmly fixed, but God has not decided beforehand and has not made any prior assignments or predestined any person or persons to either life or death. Contrariwise, all men have been given the power and privilege to choose their own destinies. (See Deuteronomy 30: 19, 20; Revelation 22:16-20.)

“More than a century before his birth Cyrus the Great was named, predestined to overthrow Babylon and prepare the way for the restoration of the Jews to their homeland. (See Isaiah 45:1-3.) And John the Baptist was one named and predestined to be the forerunner of the Christ. (Luke 1:11-20, 57-65.) But again his eternal destiny was dependent not upon this special assignment, but upon his personal choice.

“…predestination plays no part in the doings, undoings, and events which develop in the life experience of the average man. The eternal destiny of each man is fixed by his own choice.”

—”Replies to Your Questions,” by Calvin E. Mosely, Message, October 1968

Phillip McGuire Wesley, jr.
Media That Takes You Higher
This is a new day of listening and reading. I pray that each book, music tune, app, or podcast will make an impact in your life as it has in mine. Please let us know by emailing me.
Book cover of The Mindset of a Graceful Warrior by Elizabeth S. Shin
The Mindset of a Graceful Warrior
Elizabeth S. Shin

Do you have a support system? Are you fighting just to get through your day? Does it feel like everything is falling apart? Life, marriage, health, or spiritual journey? Elizabeth Shin shares her in-depth story of her fight over lupus, marriage, and challenges that became a hurdle for her to overcome. Her resilience forged a graceful warrior, and she shares Seven Tools To Conquer Life’s Challenges. “Having a support system to help you face life’s obstacles and challenges will give you a better chance of successfully getting through those times.”
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My message
The Intimate Observer of Our Choices


“I can never escape from your spirit

I can never get away from your presence!
If I go up to heaven, you are there;
if I go down to the grave, you are there.
. . . To you the night shines as bright as day.
Darkness and light are the same to you”

(Psalm 139:1-7).

It takes effort in our technologically tethered world to imagine life where no one knows where you are, or that you even exist. In the days before GPS, or cell phones, or satellite surveillance, or social media, I imagine the psalmist alone under the stars in a cobalt sky tending the sheep. Here, David senses a Holy presence in persistent pursuit of him. Imagine, the God of heaven so intimately invested in knowing us.

eye on the times
Person standing in front of large clock in clock tower
Let Everyone See Them…
a walkway lined with crosses covered with flowers and balloons
Robb Elementary School signage surrounded by memorial wreaths, flowers and balloons

Maybe Change Will Come

a young girl reaches toward one of many large images of children being remembered
Maybe Change Will Come
By Edward Woods, III

contemplating the senseless violence hailed on school children in Uvalde, Texas, this quote by Mamie Elizabeth Till-Mobley rang resoundingly clear in sharing her reason for an open casket funeral for her son: “I think everybody needed to know what happened to Emmitt Till.” After another mass shooting of children in school, these children need open casket funerals to spur America into action.

At Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, nineteen children and two adults died in a mass shooting by an 18-year-old. News reports detailed how the shooter purchased the assault rifles legally, shot his grandmother in the head, and how students heads were blown off and only identified by their DNA. America needs to see the carnage, and maybe a change will come.

Black from the Past
Neville Marcano
Trinidad’s Growling Tiger
By Carl McRoy
A headshot portrait photograph of Neville Marcano grinning

eville Marcano was born in Siparia, Trinidad in 1916. He became the national flyweight boxing champion at 13 years old in 1929. A few years later, Neville began a decades-long fight on the music scene as a calypso singer with the stage name, Growling Tiger.

Calypso, itself, was a form of resistance to the 1881 British ban on percussion instruments in the Caribbean colonies. Trinidadians responded with improvised steel drums made of everyday objects like frying pans and oil drums. Growling Tiger, Attila the Hun, King Radio, and others, paired those subversive sounds with liberationist lyrics that sometimes got them censored.

Growling Tiger is best known for “Money is King,” a critique of materialism, and “The Gold in Africa,” a protest of the Italian invasion of Ethiopia. Here are some samples of his biting sarcasm:

optimal health
The Plant-Based Lifestyle

What’s Your Destination?

Photo by PNW Production @
By donna green goodman

not sure where you’d like to be with your health. When you think of it, though, where do you see yourself? Less weight, more weight, pregnant, free of hot flashes, no more diabetes or heart disease, improved mobility, free of anxiety or depression, in meaningful relationships? What does that space look like to you?

Some of the best ways to get to better health lie in the power of your own choices. The field of Lifestyle Medicine is proving more and more every day that even if you’ve not quite landed where you want to be, you can definitely “reroute/redirect” yourself and arrive safely at your destination.

Here are some things to remember on your journey to better health:

optimal health
The Plant-Based Lifestyle
Activated Charcoal
By Dr. Richard Berry
Working in an Emergency Room can expose a physician to a variety of interesting clinical situations.

Once, an intoxicated patient who drank too much alcohol celebrating a holiday came to the ER with abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting. The history is that while he was intoxicated, he was told “charcoal” would help decrease the effect of the alcohol. He therefore began to “chew on the charcoal from his outside grill.” Not a good idea. This was not the “charcoal” that is helpful.

Common charcoal is made from peat, coal, wood, coconut shell, or petroleum. “Activated charcoal” is similar to common charcoal, but is made especially for use as a medicine. To make activated charcoal, manufacturers heat common charcoal in the presence of a gas that causes the charcoal to develop lots of internal spaces or pores. These pores help activated charcoal trap chemicals.

Financial Legacy
Ways Your Real Estate
Investment Enhances
Your Portfolio and Legacy
By Ruthven Phillip
eal estate is one of the most exciting investment opportunities. However, unless you are committed to active engagement, this type of investment opportunity may not be for you.

What makes this investment unique is—as one of my friends described it according to the biblical story in Genesis—God hasn’t created any more land since “in the beginning.” Land is a finite resource, a limited in supply. It’s no wonder then, that many investors can generate wealth or improve their financial portfolio through real estate. Here are four reasons why this is true:

How God Builds Leaders
No Matter Which Stage You Find Yourself, God’s Got the Plan
Photo by Jonny Gios @
By Milton Sand

you want to know what leaders are made of, it would be good to find out how God builds them. Throughout history, we notice a type of pattern that repeats often. Though some differences exist, it seems there are some necessary building stages that He uses for those He chooses as leaders.

Look at two examples: Moses and Joseph.

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that Moses was a great leader. But many times we don’t think of Joseph as a leader. Joseph led Potiphar’s house extremely well, however, to the point that it prospered as never before. Eventually, Joseph rose to become none other than the prime minister of the greatest civilized nation at the time. And, he made it prosper in one of the most difficult times. Then, he led his father’s house to Goshen and managed to bring a very broken family back together.

If that’s not being a great leader, then I don’t know what it means. So let’s compare some of the stages in their lives.

Destined To Witness
Oakwood Adventist Academy Mustangs basketball team congratulate
Oakwood Adventist Academy Mustangs basketball team congratulate the winners of the evening semi-final game of the Alabama High School Athletic Association State Tournament. The academy team did not play in their afternoon game as it was scheduled an hour before sunset on Sabbath.
By Patrice Conwell
hen the Mustangs boys’ basketball team of Oakwood Adventist Academy (OAA) in Huntsville, Alabama joined the Alabama High School Athletic Association (AHSAA) in 2017, it was because their previous, Christian league had folded. No other league was available. And they wanted to continue building the school’s athletic program. So they applied for membership in the AHSAA and were accepted.

Then the unexpected happened. During the 2021-2022 basketball season, the team’s best season in school history, they earned a spot in the playoffs. The dream of winning a championship was so close they could smell it. But their dream collided with destiny.

The playoff schedule showed Oakwood’s semi-final game scheduled for 4:30 p.m. on a Saturday—before sundown; during the Sabbath hours, of which they are observant. No worries, though. The coach contacted the AHSAA and requested accommodations for their Sabbath observance.

illustration of Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson
Pictured in the illustration are some women made of the same stalwart stuff as Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson: freedom fighter, Harriet Tubman; voice of justice, Sojourner Truth, and Judge Jane Bolin, sworn in as a family court judge on July 22, 1939—the United State’s first black female judge and the first black woman to graduate from Yale Law School.
Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson
by Herma Percy
by dropcap
now, you have heard or seen that the U.S. Congress approved and confirmed the 116th U.S. Supreme Court Justice to the bench, Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, the first black woman on the bench in 232 years.
What does her confirmation mean to you?

Can I share with you the significance of her confirmation to me? More importantly, what it says about our faith and our God.

“I am the dream and the hope of the slave,” Judge Jackson said in her acceptance remarks.

And truly, this is the sentiment that I most felt.

Pictured in the illustration are some women made of the same stalwart stuff as Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson: freedom fighter, Harriet Tubman; voice of justice, Sojourner Truth, and Judge Jane Bolin, sworn in as a family court judge on July 22, 1939—the United State’s first black female judge and the first black woman to graduate from Yale Law School.
The Tiger Within
One more look at Will Smith and Chris Rock, and the hurt that lurks in each of us
By Morris Barnes
letter W dropcap
hen a young tree is injured, it grows around that injury. As the tree continues to develop, the wound becomes relatively small in proportion to the size of the tree. How a tree grows around its past contributes to its exquisite individuality, character, and beauty.

Trauma does not build character, but the image of the tree can be a valuable mirror for traumatized victims.

When Hollywood stars converged for this year’s Oscars, and two iconic Black American male figures took center stage (along with all Black America) old stereotypes revived: Black Americans are angry and cannot control that anger.

Even in the unblemished Fresh Prince of Bel Air. What the nation witnessed was traumatizing optically and auditorily, but it was Will Smith and Chris Rock whose personal traumas emerged for the world to behold.

pinkish-purple illustration of a horseman holding out a carrot in front of the horse
Illustration by Boardman Robinson 1916 United States Library of Congress
Lust, Desire, and the Truth title

You’ve Been Strung Along for Way Too Long

By Nick Taliaferro
There is desire, and there is lust... intro text
Desire is a compelling, emotional drive to secure an obtainable thing that compels one to stretch, just beyond a comfortable reach. And while we typically associate desire with sensual craving, it can also apply to a job or some activity, or some other thing. So, truly, any time we pursue, achieve or acquire, we must yield ourselves to desire.

Lust, likewise is also characterized by a compelling drive to secure something just beyond reach. Lust, however, pursues an object that cannot quite be secured. Lust promises a certain gratification; and while simply engaging in the pursuit of the thing lusted after may offer pleasure, somehow lust never quite delivers. In short, lust lies by making promises it cannot keep.

Lust invites us to direct our desires towards wholly unobtainable things, ever feeding us on the illusion of a fulfillment that never arrives—because it cannot arrive.

Know Your Worth title
By Debleaire Snell
Y dropcap
our life has significance. You are not just the result of a biological process, you are here by design. Your life is a component of an eternal, celestial construct that pre-dates creation and outlives time. Your life is so significant that when you walk in calling, it helps harmonize the plan of salvation, and when you reject your calling, it unsettles the entire framework of providence.

This is important because in the church world we spend a lot of time considering issues of morality, but we tend to do so in the context of law, judgment, and consequence. The truth is that our moral compass is directly tied to our understanding of our worth. As a result, I make different moral choices when I understand my true value.

Family taking a group selfie
You’re family here.
Message is the oldest, black, Christian magazine in North America whose longevity is owing to its critical function of sharing the message of redemption, relationship, and readiness.
Redemption in slab font
We believe that God, recognizing how irretrievably broken our lives and world would be following the influence of the enemy’s lies, sent His Son Jesus in whom we are created anew. He has promised the total righting of everything that is wrong in this world. Seek Him. Reach for Him, and He will in no way cast you aside. He wants you to know Him, and assures that He will be there when you look for Him. No matter who you are, this opportunity is for you.
Relationship in. slab font
We’re here to operate as a set of His hands and feet, to come alongside all who preach, teach, and work with this good news. We fight against the destructive effects sin has had on us, the personal, systemic and perpetual division that plagues this world. In particular, we target and counter the false narrative of who God is. Together we affirm His image found in the black mind and body that has so often borne the brunt of brutality and untruth. Together we seek to align with God’s Kingdom at work in the here and now.
Readiness in a slab font
Finally, we prepare for that day when all of God’s people reunite with Him in person. That preparation includes a complete opening of our minds and hearts to Him, allowing Him to do the work of getting us ready. We’re reading His Word with an open mind, seeking the special blessing of the Spirit especially on His Sabbath, and we eagerly watch for His return!
Let’s walk together, fam.
To receive personal Bible studies, pray with someone, talk with a chaplain or find a church, reach the Message Resource line: 1-855-God-Cares (1-855-463-2273).
The Experience Logo
The Experience Logo
What Jesus Says About Your Purpose
“Ye are the salt of the earth: but if the salt have lost his savour, wherewith shall it be salted? it is thenceforth good for nothing, but to be cast out, and to be trodden under foot of men. Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid. Neither do men light a candle, and put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick; and it giveth light unto all that are in the house”
Matthew 5:13-15, KJV.
A Reflection
Use Your Power for Good
From Messages to Young People, by Ellen G. White, Page 37.

alanced by religious principle, you may climb to any height you please. We would be glad to see you rising to the noble elevation God designs that you shall reach. Jesus loves the precious youth; and He is not pleased to see them grow up with uncultivated, undeveloped talents. They may become strong men of firm principle, fitted to be entrusted with high responsibilities, and to this end they may lawfully strain every nerve.

Adrienne Rowe-Saulsbery
The Experience Study heading
The Experience Study heading
be salt and be light: Matthew 5:13, 14 and 16
Matthew 5:13, 14 and 16 getting broken down
the bible with art added to the pages
The illustration/Bible marking
The Seven Questions:
  1. What about this story/context/verse stands out to me?
  2. How is this different from the life I live now? How is this different from the society and culture I’m a part of? (John 9:5)
  3. How does this passage challenge me? (1John 1:5-9)
  4. Where do I see Jesus, or miss Jesus in this passage? (John 8:12, Colossians 1:24-29)
  5. Assess myself. What am I missing in my life that God wants me to have? (Psalm 18:28)
  6. Is there someone else who could use this in their life? How would I share it?
Adrienne Rowe-Saulsbury is an elementary school teacher and crafter who writes from Columbus, Ohio.
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Did you catch this?
What’s the Message, Season 3: Ep. 15
Ground Breakers
Andrews University Theologian and Professor Dr. Hyveth Williams, on abortion, gun violence, and the response of the Christian community. “It doesn’t have a leg to stand on,” she says.

MESSAGE: I’m hearing you say that, our moral voice whether it’s within this denomination or the wider Christian Church, has been compromised by not only this god of money, but sort of our god of– I won’t say god—but our practice of inconsistency. So my question is, where do we go from here? Where is the Christian who is awakened to these inconsistencies, awakened to the fact that we have compromised ourselves, how do I walk through this time this season, as we see rights being pulled back or curtailed or, you know, levied against women?

Williams: Maybe I’m being foolish to think that way, but I think that there’s an army of men and women who have been trained and prepared and, and converted and committed, who are waiting for the signal from the, from the Chief of the army, Jesus Christ.

[T]here’s gonna come a day when all of these prepared people, and there are millions, are going to hear that certain sound, and will speak with one voice without fear. We won’t fear losing our jobs. We won’t fear losing our reputation. We won’t fear going into prison. We won’t fear being put to death. We won’t fear anything that the opposition would use, whether they’re in the church or outside of the church would use to intimidate us. That day is not yet, but I expect it’s coming and I think it’s closer than we originally thought.

Bless and Be Blessed
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A Lot Closer Than They Appear
By Donald L. McPhaull
Stylized letter "A" - bold
ou may recall how we were introduced to the Star Wars story by words crawling up the big screen…”A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away. George Lucas wanted viewers to resonate emotionally with the movie as the running gun battle between the Star Destroyers of the Empire and Princess Leia’s outgunned rebel starship sprang into view. So, from the opening film credits, the audience understood that even if there wasn’t an ounce of reality on the big screen, the action had taken place in the distant past situated in an even more distant galaxy. So, no cause for alarm. Time and distance assured us that the conflict posed no danger to us. Therefore, no need to take action.

Is it possible that many faith communities read Revelation 14: 6-13 in a similar light? And in doing so, have believers assumed that since the happenings recorded by John appear to be either historic events or those of a prophetic nature, they pose no present danger for us, thus no need for action on our part? Perhaps, that explains why many in the household of faith are dismissive of the three angels, and their messages, introduced to us in chapter fourteen of Revelation.

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